Llama beans are manure from llamas.

They are almost odorless and do not need to be composted before using. They are rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous and are a great all natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer for trees, shrubs, gardens and houseplants.

Available in two sizes:

  • A "tea bag" size great for brewing one gallon batches of llama bean tea for watering houseplants and potted plants. About 3.5 oz and packaged in a burlap bag.

  • A gallon size ziplock bag with 2 lbs of llama beans. Great for making larger batches of llama bean tea or sowing directly into gardens.

Llama Bean Fertilizer

  • Sow Directly Into Soil: Scatter llama beans around your plants or mix them into your soil. When watering your plants, the llama beans will slowly break down and release the fertilizer.


    Llama Bean Tea: Place one tea bag or a cup of llama beans in a gallon container and “brew” overnight. Use the tea to water plants. Keep the beans in the bucket as they can be reused many times before they eventually dissolve and/or no longer produce tea. Burlap tea bags and spent beans can be buried in the soil to biodegrade once the beans no longer produce tea.

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